Argostoli Lagoon Activities


Argostoli Lagoon Activities will guide you on a truly delightful journey in Koutavos lagoon.
Chose between the waterbike and the electric boat, and let yourself enjoy the serenity and the sounds of the lake during an unforgettable tour. Take with you your favorite music in a memory stick to accompany your ride.
Do not forget also your camera to immortalize the moments of the most beautiful appointment with the sea turtle Caretta-Caretta, as well as your own poses with the proud swans.
You may enjoy the beauties of the lake pedaling the boat, and also drink your coffee or have lunch on board. You may enjoy your coffee or soda, as well as a snack, riding the boat. The most impressive think you will do in the lagoon is your appointment with the turtle Caretta-Caretta,the last being a permanent swimmer of the area.