Walking Trails

kefalonia walking trails
Discover the hidden beauties of Kefalonia.
The island of Kefalonia is a true paradise for walkers.
Here are a few of the best walking trails in Kefalonia.
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Scuba Diving

kefalonia diving
Explore another world, a different world than the one you are used to, the wonderful world of the bottom of Kefalonia.
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Wine tour

kefalonia robola

If you do not walk through a vineyard and taste the unique local wines, it will be as if you have missed the true flavor of the island.
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Cruises to Ithaca


No trip to Kefalonia is complete without a cruise to Ithaca, the island named after Ithacos, son of Poseidon , God of the sea.
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Horse Riding

kefalonia horse ridding

A horseback riding trip can be arranged for experienced riders and for those who would like to try it out for a couple of hours. 
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